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Court Decisions: 
(in Spanish only) 

     Awas Tingni vs. Nicaragua 

          The case of the indigenous Mayagna (Sumo) community of Awas Tingni went all the way to the
          Inter- American Court of Human Rights. The Court's decision, unprecedented in Nicaraguan history,
          was that the Nicaraguan government had violated the community's human rights, and mandated that
          the State demarcate and title their traditional territory, as well as pay US$50,000 to the community
          for public works. (31/8/2001)

     Sentencia No. 123 

          Court Decision No. 123 in which the Supreme Court of Justice recognizes the right of the traditional
          authorities of Rama Cay to represent their community in defense of their property rights over their
          traditional communal lands. (13/6/2000)

     Sentencia No. 150 

          Court Decision No. 150, in which the Supreme Court of Nicaragua mandates that the Appeals Court
          of Bluefields negotiate the Lawsuit of the traditional authorities of the Ethnic Community of Monkey
          Point and the Rama people against the President of the Republic for the presentation of the bill
          containing the concession for the Dry Canal project. (16/8/2000)

La gente de Monkey Point.
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