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What We Do:
1) Legal Assistance:

CALPI advises and represents traditional community authorities and indigenous people in constitutional actions before  the Nicaraguan Supreme Court of Justice and before Civil Judges for the defense of their communal ancestral lands protected by law. It also establishes alliances with international NGOs to introduce the cases before the Interamerican Court of Human Rights of the Organization of American States.

2) Divulgation:

CALPI divulgates national and international legislation about indigenous peoples to contribute to the enrichment of Nicaraguan identity. Particularly the rules contained in the Political Constitution and the Autonomy Statute of the Atlantic Coast Regions of Nicaragua which recognize that this is a multiethnic, plurilingual, and multicultural country, and guarantee the rights to lannguage, culture, traditional forms of social organization, freedom from discrimination, and access to natural resources and traditional lands for the indigous peoples.

3) Training:

CALPI trains indigenous leaders, students, lawyers, judges, municipal, regional, and national government employees, and civil society in general about the rights of indigenous peoples and ethnic communities on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

4) Legislation:

CALPI provides technical assistance to indigenous peoples and governmental entities for the elaboration of municipal ordinances, regional resolutions, decrees, and legislation regarding indigenous rights.


Residents of Monkey Point and Rama Cay discuss the construction of a Dry Canal on their land.

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